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Global E-commerce Operation Manager
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Job Description:
- Establish overseas online market strategy and develop e-commerce channels in accordance with emoi brand image;
- Identify market opportunities and develop online distribution channels through market research and organizing trade fairs;
- Responsible for client relationship and order management, actively introduce new products and selections into regional channels;
- Collaborate with internal and external partners to plan and implement supporting systems for e-commerce platforms and project;
- Collaborate various teams for marketing proposals and social media, promote brand awareness and influence;
- Carry out market and industrial research and share with the team;
- Regularly carry out evaluation for external suppliers, review and improve departmental SOP.

- Have passion for life, care for the environment and pursuit of creativity;
- Bachelor's degree or above in Business Administration, Marketing or related disciplines, strong business acumen and strategical thinking;
- 5+ years hands-on experience in overseas market development and e-commerce operation with solid understanding in fashion or lifestyle;
- Familiar with overseas e-commerce platforms and industrial trends, passionate about internet and social media;
- Open and sensible about culture, good understanding about emoi brand concept;
- Good project management skills, able to locate and solve problems efficiently;
- Excellent business communication and negotiation skills, good team player;
- Self-starter who actively seeks self development and possesses an open mind for learning;
- High level of English verbal and written communication skills, fluency in other foreign languages in a plus;
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